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Dennis Schommer - Artists Dennis Schommer Art - Norther Lights 24x24 Oil Dennis Schommer Art - William Blue and the Whispering Trees 20x14 Oil Dennis Schommer Art - Where Rivers Meet 30x24 Oil Dennis Schommer Art - Northern LIghts 2 24x30 Oil Dennis Schommer Art - Up North 20x16 Oil Dennis Schommer Art - Moon Serpent 24x24 Oil Dennis Schommer Art - Arrangement in White 30x30 Oil

When I told my father I wanted to be an artist, he said to me, "You only get one chance at life, so do it good."

Lingering thoughts of his childhood and the mysteries of nature make Dennis Schommer search for the fine line between art and real life. For Dennis Spending a night in the woods with sights, sounds and moving shadows stimulate thoughts of passing souls on their journey to a better place. "Maybe I will never unlock the answer to what I am looking for but I will continue to share stories through my work with those who choose to enter." He is a veteran, making art for more than 50 years and a true master with watercolors.

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Recent Works | Select Archives